The Original organic vegetable bouillon is high in vegetables and provides real power.  

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Soup for the soul. This organic vegetable bouillon with an extremely high proportion of  vegetables is the perfect basis for the popular Mayr vegetable bouillon. Just a teaspoon dissolved boiling water provides a pure, basic and natural soup flavour - just as if you were sitting in our restaurant on Lake Wรถrthersee. The bouillon can, of course, be refined to your taste with herbs or spices. The organic vegetable bouillon is also perfect as a flavour base for various dishes and varieties of soup. With just a spoonful you will have authentic ingredients, fresh herbs and a delicious Mayr feeling at home. In contrast with many ready-made vegetable stocks, the Mayr vegetable bouillon contains  organic vegetables, lots of fresh herbs, spices and salt โ€“ nothing else. No yeast, flavourings or other additives.


Ingredients: celeriac, carrot, tomato, water, parsnip, fennel, salt, celery, yellow turnip, tomato paste, parsley, lovage, thyme, rosemary


 per 100 ml soup
Energy6,15 kJ)/ 1,25 kcal
Fat0,01 g
Carbohydrate0,17 g
including natural sugar0,14 g
Protein0,06 g
Salt1,32 g


Vegetable bouillon is indispensable in the Mayr kitchen: Soups, sauces, risotto, puree, spreads โ€“ we use the Mayr organic vegetable bouillon to refine all of these and make our dishes even more alkaline.

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